André Pentmo

André Pentmo

Digital Strategist & Online marketer

Looking for jobs & clients

I am looking for a position working with digital marketing and / or clients who need consulting / online marketing services.

My capacity is broad and my interests are centered around a holistic approach to result and data driven digital marketing and business development. I also have a few skills in the creative sector including music / audio, professional narration / podcast, working with editorial content and just intending to be creative in general.

The most important thing to me is to constantly keep developing the skills that enable me to deliver a relevant and current service that grows brands online and grows the bank accounts of businesess with increased profits.

Short and long-term projects are interesting, in-house with a marketing agency, with a company, start-up or via freelance from a distance.

The start of my marketing journey (2012)

A big part of my life has always been music making, and in searching for opportunities to make money with music I found e-commerce. My discovery that people were making a living selling their beats online to artists gave me notion that I could do it too. I set sail with my music enterprise as the ship on course to sucess and richdom. I picked up on SEO, e-mail marketing, advertising, social and various psycological, lingual and visual concepts for increasing sales. I was still very naive and unconcious about the big picture, trying to learn valuable information and apply it to my concept was the key. But in the end this endeavour took a little out of the magic out of the creative side of making music.

Going back to school (2016)

Over the years i’ve been cursing that there is no digital marketing educations in south Sweden. One day suddenly they existed, and luckily for me my girlfriend found it and tought of me. It’s been 18 months of intense education in everything from traditional marketing and law to web development, SEO, e-mail marketing, media planning, social media strategy, programmatic and traditional digital advertising. It’s been a very rewarding experience in the sense that I got a lot of confirmation that I was on the right path earlier, and like some classmates got a head start and could dig even deeper into subjects from the beginning.

Learing from my mistakes (2013-15)

My best memory from this time is actually a big stupid mistake i made, and I’ll tell you about it. Apart from SEO, youtube and e-mail marketing I only spent a few dimes on advertising on Google and Facebook, with decent results. However I wanted BIG results and decided to spend aroun 6000 SEK on an ad on DatPiff (big hiphop site). In order to draw attraction I created an offer giving out free beats (on e-mail list opt in), and I got a whole lot of visitors, many signups but still 0 sales. Today I would have gotten much much more out of that investment in form of revenue. An embarrassing debut campaign of mine that has given me so much in return for the lesson learned, that I happily share today.

Current Situation

Today the main focus for me is to enter the job market, and this is where you come in the picture. I will be 100% available from January 2018, and ready to start working. If you are an established agency in need of new marketers and future experts in online marketing or a company looking into online or wanting to take your merketing to the next level, I can be of service.

Let’s book a meeting, shall we?


If I were to mention a weakness in me it must be that I have a general broad knowledge, not yet specialised in a particular subject. Although I am fully capable to work in several different areas of online marketing I still never see an end to the horizon of knowledge. It’s like a reversed sales funnel. My strategy so far has been to try to keep an even progress of development in the areas where I can make myself useful. Until the right circumstance let’s me know to start zooming in further on something.


Basically, my opinion is that my weakness also can be a strength. I see myself as sort of a one man marketing department, wanting help businesses make more money. It might take a while longer, and might not yet be at the cutting egde of contemporary innovation, but I am undoubtibly passioned about business and online marketing, I have recorded results in my endeavours so far, and am a generally really nice dude!

A selection of companies I’ve been involved with in some way:

Areas where I am useful:

Online Strategy

Making sure that I do things with a purpose and intention is interesting to me. Every activity made must be strategically planned in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Creative Content Production

I am a music producer, have worked with professional narration, editorial material and am not afraid to pickup a camera either. This makes me a versatile content creator, which is a very useful thing in this world.


SEO, optimizing for search engines is one of the most important weapons in digital marketing. It can with a longterm work effort reward with valuable sources of lead traffic.

Web Design

Even tough I am not a web developer, I can make responsive websites in WordPress using Divi. Im interested in learning more about UX, but im not sure web development is the path to devote myself completely to.

Data Analysis

This is one of my favourite subjects, I love crunching numbers in Google sheets. When  value for investment is the goal, I like to do my best. Still need to learn alot on this though.

Media Planning

Planning the whole process of a campaign or a whole business. Another interesting one that I like working with. I like looking at personas / trends, creating ads and calculating reach and other KPI’s.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is likley the best platform for data driven marketing right now in my opinion. I’ve been developing in facebook marketing since 2013. I also like Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

Programmatic Advertising

I see this new exciting form of advertising as potentially the future path of online marketing. I understad the theory of it but unfortunatly am lacking hands on experience.

Send me an e-mail with a job offer! 🙂

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