Welcome to the official online property of Pentmo

Pentmo is a swedish up and coming music producer, songwriter, composer and multi-musician.

He is known for his wide musical appreciation spectrum and for bringing that inspiration and openness for creativity and collaboration to his beatmaking and songwriting. For years he made himself a name locally as a skilled and responsive young beatmaker in the underground scene of hip hop and urban music in Malmö, Sweden.

After spending a year as a volontary intern at legendary premier recording studio Gula Studion in Malmö, Pentmo proceeded to establish his studio as a neighbor to Gula and starting his journey producing music, recording bands and helping to build and manage top class recording studio for a high profile music lover in Sweden.

 His debut as a producer came with the 2015 Miss Rafiki single ”Kintsugi” and ”Solen i Ryggen” which were received well in Sweden. The songs produced for Miss Rafiki are set to keep on releasing every month during 2017.

Pentmos goal is to make himself a household name in the music scene both locally in Sweden and internationally.

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