Name: André Pentmo

Born: 1990 in Malmö, Sweden.

Occupation: Producer, composer, audio technician, speaker.

Equipment: iMac, Universal Audio Apollo, Yamaha HS80, Logic Pro X, M-Audio Axiom 49,CME UFS, Brasted London upright piano, ACE organ, Peavy Classic 30, Fender Telecaster, Ibanez ES, Epiphone Les Paul, a mix of percussive instruments, Roland HD-1, Akai MPK-24, ADK A6, Shure SM7B, Shure SM57, ADK Vienna Edition, SE Electronics R1(2), various virtual instruments & plugins.

Inspiration: Jamiroquai, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Pharrell Williams, Timbuktu & Damn!, anything from Motown, Robert Glasper, J Dilla, Erykah Badu, The Roots, Redman, Tingsek and the list goes on.

Every persons musical life starts before they are born.

I realized this one day when my mother told me she used to play music to me even before I was born. However… her decision to put me through classical piano training early in life and my percussionist uncle gave me my first practical intros to music. As an 11 year old fairly developed pianist I decided to quit after having heard an older student playing the Star Wars theme. It was simply awesome. Again, thanks to my mother I had to continue with music, so I picked up the guitar. During this time I was first introduced to Reason and FL and by the age of 15 production became a real interest to me. This laid the ground for the skill set of production as much as the studio where I work from today.

By the age of 21 I had a studio near the harbor in Malmö city, had been a guitarist in two bands and done a lot of producing alone and with friends. It felt like a limit to what I could learn on my own was reached, so I started to look for mentors. I got back a priceless year as an assistant at Gula Studion in Malmö where I got to see, learn and work with some of the best in the business from all over the world. And they were pretty damn skilled.

My only focus is always being better at everything I do.

Doesn’t matter if it’s producing beats, writing songs, music for film or recording bands in different studios.

Because I love everything about music.


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I provide the following services:2015Panorama

  • Music production – have your song produced by me in a professional environment.
  • Beats – contact me if you want me to make a beat for you or to access the beat catalogue.
  • Tracking – record in the studio, or have a professional musician track what you need.
  • Mixing – and audio editing.
  • Song writing - I can help you bring life to your musical ideas.

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