André Pentmo

André Pentmo

Digital Strategist & Online marketer

Looking for jobs & clients

I am looking for a working position in online marketing and/or clients who need consulting or online marketing services.

My education and previous experiences cover most of the spectrum. Be it strategic work, project leading or even more hands on work with SEO, advertsing campaigns, website development, e-mail marketing and social media marketing.

Short and long-term projects are equally interesting, in-house with a marketing agency, a company, start-ups or via freelance from a distance.

The most important to me is to constantly keep developing the skills that enable me to deliver a professional result-driven service that grows brands online and grows the bank accounts of businesess with increased profits.

-2012 Start of self learning

Suddenly I discovered that some people were actually selling their own products online themselves, and making a living of it. So I spent almost a year researching SEO, E-mail marketing, buyer psychology, advertising, how to write compelling and converting texts and a lot more. It was like a whole new world opened up to me, where basically any idea I have that there is a market for, I can market and sell on my own. I sucked up everything I could from free content to paid courses in different areas of online marketing, mainly focused to the world of selling beats online.

-2013 Getting practical with online marketing

My dream was to sell my music online and make a living of it. I didn’t have much resources for marketing then. One of my biggest lessons/mistakes from then was when I decided to blow 5000 SEK on ads to a site called Datpiff, where I wanted to draw users to the site by offering free beats in exchange for their e-mail. I was also ofcourse hoping to sell some beats directly. When I later understood that it was very unlikely that anyone who came through via that ad was going to buy anything, since the message of the ad was ”free beats” I knew that this happening to me was a huge lesson.

-2016 Medieinstitutet

My lovely girlfriend found this education and thought it would be perfect for me. And the main thing I can take away is confirmation that I was on the right path earlier in my own development in this business. In the 18 months of the education i’ve gotten the opportunity to dig even deeper with a head start on some subjects. Experience wise I take with me the in total 20 weeks i spent on Mortensen Media and Moriska Paviljongen working with marketing.

Online Strategy

As an online marketer I didn’t just learn to use a bunch of tools. All aspects fit together into a whole that is important to define.

Creative Content Production

I do music production, podcast editing/narration. I’m not afraid to use a camrera & edit pics/vids.


I concider SEO one of the most important weapons in digital marketing. With longterm smart thinking great results are possible.

Web Design

I create websites from scratch with WordPress with various  extra features. Get in touch with me if you need a great website.


If I were trying to sell a product online I would complement my SEO with an advertising strategy targeting the right audience.

Media Planning

This is one of my favourite subjects. Looking at audiences, touch points, statistics and squeezing out a plan at the end.

Social Media Marketing

My experience in Social Media extends to promoting events for Moriska Paviljongens clubs/concerts on facebook.

Programmatic Advertising

To be quite honest, Programmatic is probably my strongest weakness. But I see the potential and would love to work with it.

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